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Bluest Ocean, Deepest Sea

Here’s a new song that my wife Joey help me write.  We’ve been inspired by all the murder ballads we’ve been listening to lately.  A perfect addition to your Halloween!

Hope you enjoy! 



I’ve been a ramblin’ man

About most of my life

Thought I’d never settle down

Thought I’d never take a wife

Till I met Susie

That all changed for me

Her eyes the bluest ocean

And the deepest seas


We went down to the boardwalk

And I plied her with wine

I told her that I loved her

My hearts yours, will you be mine

She says Willy I’m sorry

I love a sailor, not thee

He sails the bluest ocean

On the deepest sea


I threw Susie down

Against the cold hard sand

Oh Willy please don’t hurt me

I held her throat with my hand

I held her and held her

Till her light did leave

Into eternal blue oceans

And deepest sleep

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